Checklist - For misbehaving sewing machines!

Written By Steve Moore - February 25 2016


Lillian Schaeffer
March 14 2016

This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that a bent sewing machine needle could cause secondary damage. My needle was bent, and I didn’t notice it for a while, so it ended up breaking off and damaging another part of my machine. I’ll be sure to watch for that problem in the future to avoid this, but I’ll definitely look into having my unit repaired in the meantime. Thanks for the great post!

Kate Rose
March 06 2016

That is so helpful – thank you so much

Susan Taylor
March 03 2016

I wish I had this the other day, as I ended up using the ‘swearing and finger pointing’ method. Also we have had enough of Leicestershire and want to come back down. Already looking for somewhere to live. I can do Joy’s workshops. Already spend a lot of time here

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